Ships of Note: PC-815

There are some ships with tales that need telling…

What is it?

A fairly boring US Navy submarine chaser.

So it chased subs, right?

Nope. It chased a known magnetic anomaly.

Sounds suspicious. I’m guessing it was quickly defeated?

After a fierce battle lasting 68 hours, during which PC-815 dropped a mere 37 depth charges and called in reinforcement from two airships and four other surface vessels, the dangerous anomaly was declared neutralised. Its commander claimed one definite kill and one probable.

Like making stuff up, did he?

The commander was one L. Ron Hubbard. Yes, that one.

I’m guessing we’re leaving that thought floating for legal reasons. Did it do anything else whilst it was at it?

Bombarded Mexico. They weren’t very happy about it.

Not good at making friends then?

Not really, no. Its career ended when it rammed USS Laffey, which people more observant than whoever was on watch at the time will notice was nominally on the same side. Not the sort of thing that generally impresses the brass.

The details:

Launched: December 1942

Commissioned: April 1943

Sank: September 1945

Current status: After a brief retirement career as a navigational hazard, the remains were demolished before it did any more damage. Bits of it remain on the sea bed near San Diego.

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